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Dandelion Salve

Dandelion Salve

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Dandelion Salve 🌼
Dandelion is excellent for inflammation!!! Fights arthritis and joint pain, back aches, and muscle soreness 👊
As an antibacterial, germicide and anti-fungal ingredient, dandelion detoxifies the skin, clears out pores, gets rid of acne and prevents acne breakouts in the future.
As an antioxidant, it safeguards skin from free radicals and signs of aging, plus protects from UVB damage!
This simple herb contains the trifecta of beneficial skin care vitamins: A, C, and E. These vitamins are extremely beneficial when used topically and are proven to help prevent and reverse signs of aging 🙌 benefits include
Encouraging healthy skin cell production
Promoting collagen and elastin formation
Evening out skin tone
Reducing and preventing fine lines and wrinkles
Stimulating circulation!
Improves skin hydration, leaving the skin plumper and well-moisturized.
Dandelions help reduce inflammation and skin irritation, so it’s perfect for sensitive or problem skin types. It has a long history in folk medicine as a soothing treatment for eczema, psoriasis, acne, and skin rashes.

The perfect little "weed" 🥰🌼🥰🌼🥰

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