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Desert Rose Selenite - confidence, self-worth, business prosperity

Desert Rose Selenite - confidence, self-worth, business prosperity

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These are so beautiful!
The Desert Rose 🌹 

This stone is said to hold a spirit guardian, and every Desert Rose stone is unique. This makes it a powerful talisman!
It will increase your sense of self-worth and self-confidence.
If you have the talent but are just shy and unconfident, the energies of this stone will bolster your confidence and give you plenty of opportunities to show what you can do! Desert Rose is considered a lucky stone. It will bring prosperity to your business and give you confidence in your decision-making. It will guide and support you in your endeavours so that you will fulfill your money dreams!

Desert Rose 🌹 has plenty of healing properties that can be beneficial to your physical body. It’s known to help with muscular flexibility and in the regeneration of tissues.💪
It can also do wonders for the skin because it can enhance and renew the elasticity of the skin and the tissues. 👸
It can help increase your sex drive and aid in fertility.🔥
The healing energies can also help treat chronic fatigue and release you from unhealthy addictions.
It is helpful with travel sickness and nausea. It can also aid in the treatment of disorders related to the prostate. Desert rose can strengthen the bones and help with any issues with the muscular or skeletal systems. It can provide relief for backaches and ulcers. It's healing properties can provide relief from psoriasis and is known to ease epileptic seizures. It can also aid in fighting off and healing viral infections!! 🦠

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