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Mae's Meadows

Moonstone Palm Stones

Moonstone Palm Stones

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Moonstone Palm Stones 🤍

Moonstone is believed to have a range of healing properties. It is thought to support the digestive and reproductive systems and aid in alleviating symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Moonstone is also said to promote healing of the skin and hair, as well as assist in relieving menstrual discomfort and symptoms.

Moonstone is often used for emotional healing, providing support during times of emotional stress and promoting emotional balance. It is thought to calm and stabilize emotions, alleviating feelings of anxiety and promoting empathy and emotional understanding.

Moonstone is regarded as a stone of protection, particularly for those who travel at night or near bodies of water. It is believed to offer a sense of calmness and spiritual protection, acting as a shield against negative energies.

Moonstone is associated with feminine energy and is considered a stone of intuition and insight. It is believed to enhance one's psychic abilities, intuitive perception, and spiritual connections. Being associated with the divine feminine it is believed to enhance and balance the energy of the sacral and crown chakras. It is said to aid in balancing hormones, menstrual cycles, and reproductive issues, making it a popular stone among women. Moonstone is often used for fertility, pregnancy, and childbirth, as it is believed to support healthy pregnancies and ease the birthing process. It is also said to assist in regulating emotions during the postpartum period.

Spiritually, moonstone is believed to be a powerful stone for accessing higher realms, enhancing spiritual growth, and deepening one's connection with the divine. It is thought to provide clarity and enhance insight, allowing for a deeper understanding of one's true nature and purpose. ✨️

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