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Phosphosiderite - anti-aging, thyroid and adrenal support, cutting emotional ties

Phosphosiderite - anti-aging, thyroid and adrenal support, cutting emotional ties

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Phosphosiderite has a soothing vibration that stabilizes the thyroid glands and adrenal glands, thus enabling the release of sufficient hormones that helps in regulating the body’s metabolism and regulating the body’s response to stress. 

These healing crystals emit energies that strengthen the stomach and improve the body functions. Its soft energy aids in proper digestion and breaking down of food, thus absorbing nutrients and minerals properly.

Phosphosiderite gives off positive vibrations that reduce insomnia. Its energy alleviates trouble sleeping.

It has a positive resonance that delays aging. Its potent energy slows down the degeneration of cells in the body. It also combats hair loss while promoting skin elasticity, thus giving a young appearance and feeling younger!

Phosphosiderite also alleviates the common cold, fever, and flu.

This stone clears emotional ties. Emotional ties that were difficult to break, especially if they are strong or have been present for a long time. 

This crystal also enhances social connections. Its energy will help you connect with people of all ages and build meaningful relationships.


Phosphosiderite brings balance, maintaining the boundaries set between work responsibilities from the other areas of life, such as family, friends, and personal interests.


Phosphosiderite crystals heal issues from past life memories especially those from traumatic experiences from childhood and even those from previous lifetimes thus developing compassion and enhancing self-love.


Phosphosiderite helps the individual be grounded and harmonizes its energy system points thus repelling negative energies away from the auric field. Its energy safeguards the individual’s physical and etheric body.



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