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Pink Tourmaline - positivity, bravery, supports thymus, childhood trauma

Pink Tourmaline - positivity, bravery, supports thymus, childhood trauma

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Pink Tourmaline 🩷

The Pink Tourmaline crystal is one of the best stones for relieving stress. It releases tension from the nervous system.

It has a powerful effect on your Thymus gland. It helps you get your immune system in check and activate it when needed. Or, on the contrary, it calms it down when it's gone into overdrive.

If you suffer from skin disorders, it calms down irritation. It soothes the skin, prevents itchiness and supports the healing process.

The healing Pink Tourmaline properties help you keep symptoms of anxiety in check, too. If you're dealing with palpitations and excessive sweating, it will help you regain a state of calm.

The Pink Tourmaline crystal meaning is that of divine love.
This beautiful pink crystal fuels your emotional body with positive energy. It offers you emotional support when you're in need. You can also wear Pink Tourmaline jewelry as a protective shield. Radiating gentle and loving energy, Pink Tourmaline crystals protect you from negative vibes.

It comforts us and helps us to feel safe and brave. It is particularly useful for healing childhood-related hurts and wounds passed down along our family tree, as well as healing a broken heart. Pink Tourmaline helps us to be independent and empowered, and able to forgive those who have hurt us in the past, while creating good boundaries so that they can’t hurt us again in the future.
Pink Tourmaline encourages us to love deeply, whether that means loving again or daring to love for the first time. In romantic relationships, Pink Tourmaline inspires passion, loyalty and respect. It can be used to attract new relationships, as well as to stimulate existing ones, and helps us to be friendly, charming, tactful and easy to love. Pink Tourmaline teaches us to practice radical self love and self care on a daily basis.
Not only does Pink Tourmaline offer solace to adults, but it is also highly beneficial for children. It provides comfort to those who have experienced any form of abuse, helps alleviate sleep issues, and is particularly suited for spiritually sensitive children. This stone calms and centers their energy, encouraging them to consider consequences before taking action.


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