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Witchy Woman Herbal Tea

Witchy Woman Herbal Tea

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"Witchy Woman" tea blend 🌿

Peppermint- refreshes and energizes, aids in digestion, helps relax muscles, and reduces cramping and spasms.
Red Clover- a blood and lymphatic cleanser. Beneficial for menopausal symptoms. Contains important anti tumor compounds. Rich in vitamins and minerals!
Linden- Soothes digestion. Calms nerves and anxiety. Fights inflammation reducing pain and swelling. Helps lower blood pressure.
Lady's mantle- regulates menstruation. Stems excessive menstrual bleeding. Eases cramping. Reduces menopausal symptoms. Balances hormones. And strengthens the digestive system.
Raspberry leaf- antioxidant, supports digestion, alleviates inflammatory conditions, reduces cramping and water retention, contains magnesium, calcium and potassium. (Not recommended for 1st-2nd trimesters during pregnancy). 2oz bag
Do your research please.
Im not a doctor! If you have any concerns consult with your physician!!


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