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Sea Siren Rosemary Hair Oil

Sea Siren Rosemary Hair Oil

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✨️ Mae's Meadows Sea Siren Rosemary Hair Oil 🧜‍♀️ This weekly treatment is a blend of rosemary infused oil and a mixture of essential oils to nourish the scalp, prevent hair loss, stimulate follicles, promote hair growth, reduce breakage and also treats dandruff! 


Studies have shown rosemary to be as effective as Rogaine and minoxidil! Has shown potential in treating alopecia. And slowing down the graying process!! 🙌

Contains peppermint which is excellent to calm an itchy scalp or reduce skin inflammation, stimulates hair follicles and promotes hair growth and has antiseptic properties which help keep the scalp infection-free.

Lemongrass is one of the best essential oils for hair growth. It strengthens hair follicles and prevents hair loss. Helps prevent dandruff, and product build-up, promoting long, strong tresses. 🥰


Using both the Sea Siren Hair Serum daily and Rosemary Hair Oil weekly, the photo shows my hair growth after 6wks (between coloring 😘)! There's roughly 1.5-2 inches of regrowth.


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