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Mae's Meadows

White Witch Body Oil

White Witch Body Oil

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🤍 White Witch 🤍

A vibrant blend of wild blackberry, sweet raspberry, sparkling champagne and a hint of earthy pines ✨️ Infused with obsidian, amethyst and green aventurine crystals for protection and abundance 🌟

Magical properties - Blackberries, with their twisted and thorny vines have a rather romantic quality to them. To get to the sweet fruit, you have to break through the plant's protective defenses, but if you're willing to brave it, the reward is truly sweet. Known as brambles, this plant is synonymous with being trapped, so it's ideal for keeping away unwanted visitors. 

They're also sacred to the goddess Brighid. Ancient Celts believed they belonged to the fairies. This fruit is ruled by Venus, the elements of water and earth, and the astrological sign of Aries.

Blackberry bushes were also used for home protection under the legendary assumption that any malevolent spirits would be compelled to count all the berries, and that would prevent them from entering your home. ✨️



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